Sheryl Westleigh - Freelance Artist

New 3d Printer

The new printer

I recently got a brand new Anycubic Photon Mono x2 resin 3d printer. I’m really excited to start using it for printing 3d sculpts. For several reasons it’s become harder for me to sculpt in clay, mostly due to eye strain. Working in 3d has let me get back into the sculpting groove. I still love working with clay and will continue to for larger work but for smaller scale sculpture I’m happy to have the technology to let me work digitally.

I’ve already been dipping my toes into learning 3d sculpting with Blender. I’ve dabbled in 3d for a while, mostly to create custom references for my illustrations and a bit of animation for fun, but fully creating 3d sculpture for printing is a new endeavor.

I’ve started out with printing some premade models to get the hang of it, this little octopus is from Hero Forge and our Kobold friend is from Tableflip Foundry.


I’m looking forward to sharing full 3d sculpted pieces but for now, here’s some works in progress. These are all created with Blender.